First Aid


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With this album, Hash intends to provide a first aid to the listeners suffering from a "musical starvation" caused by the mainstream.

Týmto albumom chce kapela "poskytovať prvú pomoc poslucháčom trpiacim umeleckou podvýživenosťou spôsobenou mainstreamom".


released October 10, 2012



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HASH Trnavský kraj, Slovakia

Mário "Hash" Gajarský- guitar, lead vocal

Denis Bango- keyboards, vocals

Michal Majchrák- bass

Jozef Slovák - drums

Linda Mankovecká- add vocals

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Track Name: Perfect Week
Pour metheglin, I'm gonna unveil the sky
Let the stars shine through the night
Candles are trembling curiously
They are excited And you're lying devotedly in my arms

In a magical place where the desires materialize
There our bodies become one
With a strong dose of freedom the words lose meaning And like a bird that escaped from the cage
Ploughing eternity

And when the sunrise touch of a crystal-clear lake
Like a mist we disappear into the universe
I'm silently screaming inside myself
I want it all, I want it today

Let's kill pointless prejudice and enjoy (the moment)
After all, everything is evanescent in this world
Reality will loosen up as a slave's chains (as slave's chains)
And infinity welcomes the courage of unknown (and infinity)

Now there's nothing in our way
There's no danger to us
Our world blossomed into full glory
Beings intoxicated with love
Have reached extasy
Track Name: Double Life
Look in the mirror and ask yourself
Who is it you are looking at?
What is it, you see in front of you?
Is it just a flesh or saint priest?

Laughter keeps your tears under the lids
Hiddden behind the unshaved face
Tilted view accompanied by uncertain position
It reveals your fool game

Can´t run away from yourself
Disguise doesn´t solve it at all. You can ignore everything, nothing is sacred anymore
Wake up don´t be such a asshole

Do you still enjoy
wearing that double sided coat
worried about your own life, you are ridiculous
I know you well, you live Double Life
Track Name: Hurricane
We put on old t-shirts and worn-out jeans
We don't wear expensive outfits
We're not particular in limousines and posh clubs
We hang about in pubs
We drink beer, smoke grass, have no stress

We raze it here to the ground by playing hard the instruments We rush out in to the stage like it is the last time
If you survive this you won't forget it even when you die
Rolling like Hurricane
Track Name: Tell Me
Birds are flowing without desires
Thousand worlds of pain leaving behind
Voices of the hungry ghosts never touch their mind
Purpose of the fallen leaves they don't try to find.

Pain of loneliness
Pouring through the broken mirror
Pain of war
Crawling inside shattered soul
Pain of Tv
Pain of time
Pain of existence
Pain of lies
Pain of shopping malls
Pain of war
Never never touch their mind

Tell me Tell me (little bird), What I ever knew
Tell me tell me, All we need is pass through
On train station next to me, some little baby cries
Revelation of the truth, mirrors in her eyes

Truth of emptiness
Truth of nignt
Truth of broken dreams
Truth of fire
Truth of painfulness
Truth of stars
Truth of everlasting dream

Tell me tell me, Tell me What I ever knew
Tell me tell me, All we need is pass through

Don't trust nobody
Whatever they say
There is an answer
In the pouring rain
There is no way

Su should find
Except the one inside
Track Name: Poet
This big world is in our little hands
Poet in fear pushes on his pen
About his vivid dreams he would like to write
Yet motionless he sits stunned by his might

When God's asleep

Satan wiped his face with holy water
Calmly walked away with gorgeous Aphrodite
Hangman decided and Guillotine closed her arms
an old puzzle offers a solution

When God sleep

There's no heroes
There's no Gods
That save us
Track Name: Love Is All Love Is You
When I feel love, I can fly out
I am home there, it just feels right

Let me go and I show you what love is
You will see the light

When I get up in the morning without fear,
and don't want to put a gun to my head
I don't need the money to be happy
I tell myself Love is all love is you

When I feel the glow my heart stops
When my body is tight that is all right
Let your heart lead your life, show you the way
you were looking for

When you get up in the morning without fear
and don't want to put a gun to your head
You don't need the money to be happy
Track Name: Sweet Little 16
They're really rockin' Boston
In Pittsburgh, p. a.
Deep in the heart of texas
And round the frisco bay
All over St.Louis
Way down in New Orleans
All the cats wanna dance with
Sweet little sixteen

Sweet little sixteen she's just got to have
About half a million framed autographs
Her wallets filled with pictures
She gets em one by one
She gets so excited
Watch her look at her run

Oh mommy mommy
Please may I go
Its such a sight to see
Somebody steal the show
Oh daddy daddy
I beg of you
Whisper to mommy
Its all right with you

Sweet little sixteen she's got the grown up blues
Tight dress and lipstick
She's sportin high heal boots
Oh, but tomorrow morning
She'll have to change her trend
And be sweet sixteen
And back in class again

Cause they'll be rockin' on bandstand
In Philadelphia p.a.
Deep in the heart of texas and round the frisco bay
All over St.Louis way down in New Orleans
Everybody wanna dance with
Sweet little sixteen